Stand Up Movie Review : A brave female perspective on addressing abuse

Critic’s Rating: 3.5/5

Story: Diya has been attacked. And everyone wants her silence, except for her friend and stand-up comic, Keerthi.

Review: In 2017, Hannah Gadsby, an Australian stand-up comic wrote and performed a live comedy performance titled Nanette. What starts as comedy soon gets real when she narrates the physical and emotional abuse she endures on account of her sexuality. In Stand Up, Vidhu Vincent makes use of the same trope.

Keerthi ( Nimisha Sajayan) is a stand-up comic performing an act on stage, where she narrates her friend Diya’s story. Diya (Rajisha Vijayan) is attacked in an apartment and is branded a victim. Stand Up tells us her journey from a victim to a survivor. The film is a powerful take – a woman’s take – on how the patriarchal system seeks her silence.